Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics
TUSUR is one of the leading engineering universities in Russia, located in the intellectual heart of Russia and Siberia – the city of Tomsk.

TUSUR is a young university, ambitiously striving for leadership and global presence in education and research. 12 thousand students study at our 12 faculties. Relatively small size allows the university to be mobile and quickly adjust to changes becoming stronger and more efficient.

TUSUR was one of the first Russian universities to transform the educational process, introducing project-based learning and enhancing research and innovative components of academic work.
ECTS center established at TUSUR coordinates student exchange and ensures adequate transfer of credits obtained abroad in accordance with standardized international documents.

TUSUR was also the first Russian university to start implementing a complex development model that focuses on entrepreneurship in addition to two traditional university missions, i.e. education and research. In the course of the last decade TUSUR has created a network of innovative companies founded by its alumni. Today this network comprises 210 companies.

In 2004 a student business incubator was established at TUSUR, which gave rise to 50 hi-tech start-ups created by university students.
For students
• Environmental Safety in Nature Management
• Software for Computer Engineering and Automated Systems
• Computer-Aided Design Systems
• Computer-Aided Management for Business and Finance
• Analytical Information Systems
• Applied Informatics in Economics
• Industrial Sofware Development
• Security of Automated Systems
• Radiotechnical Means for Transmission, Reception and Processing of Signals
• Microwave Equipment and Antennas
• Electromagnetic Compatibility
• Mobile Communication Systems
• Secure Computer Networks and Systems
• Optical Communication Systems and Networks
• Wireless Communication ans IoT Systems
• Video Information Technologies
• Design and Technology of Radioelectronic Systems
• Design and Technology of Computer Systems
• Engineering of Electronic Devices
• Quantum and Optical Electronics
• Industrial Electronics
• Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics
• Photonics of Nonlinear Waveguide and Periodic Structures
• Automation Systems for Technology Processes and Production
• Design in Robotics and Control Systems
• Management of Life Safety in Technosphere
• Quality Control in Information Systems
• System Analysis and Control in Engineering Systems
• Control in Robotic Systems
• Innovation Management in Electronic Engineering
• Nanotechnology in Electronics and Microsystem Engineering
• Banking and Finance
• Accounting. Analytics and Audit
• Economics and Business Management
• Project Management
• Administrative and Territorial Governance
• IT-entrepreneurship
• Social Work
• Modern Technologies in Youth Outreach
• Jurisprudence
• Service in Social and Cultural Sphere
• Radioelectronic Systems and Complexes
• Technical Maintenance of Radio Equipment of Aircrafts and Airports
• Economic and Legal Framework of Economic Security
• Computer Simulation for Ecology and Life Safety Purposes
• Design Automation of Micro and Nanoelectronic Devices for Radioengineering Systems
• Software for Computer Devices, Systems and Networks
• Automated Systems for Information Processing and Control in Economics
• Software and Hardware Complexes
• Software for Automated Systems
• Methods and Technologies for Industrial Software Development
• Radioelectronic Systems and Devices for Data Transmission
• Microwave Equipment and Antennas
• Video Information Technologies and Digital Television
• Protection against Electromagnetic Terrorism
• Information and Communication Systems for Wireless Wideband Access
• Electromagnetic Compatibility of Radoelectronic Devices
• Electromagnetic Compatibility in Energy Complexes
• Active Robotic Vision
• Optic Systems and Networks
• Secure Communication and Data Processing Systems
• Radioelectronic Systems for Data Transmission
• Design and Production of Spacecraft Equipment
• Devices and Technologies for Quality Control and Diagnostics
• Solid-State Electronics
• Quantum and Optical Electronics
• Industrial Electronics and Microprocessor Engineering
• Electronic Devices for Collecting, Processing and Displaying of Information
• Photonics in Waveguides, Nonlinear and Periodic Structures
• Development Management for Robotics
• Quality Control of Industrial Products and Services
• Automation and Control in Technology and Production
• Computer Simulation and Information Processing in Engineering Systems
• Innovation Management in Electronic Engineering
• Economics and Business Management
• Business Management
• Project Management
• Human Resources Management
• Digital Government and Administration
• Entrepreneurship and Business Administration in Information Technologies
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