Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education "Samara State Agrarian University"
The university today is a developed infrastructure of the European campus type: equipped academic buildings, modern equipment of classrooms and laboratories, libraries, reading rooms, sports facilities, stadiums, student dormitories, canteens, cultural and sports center.

The university comprises 6 faculties and an institute: Agronomical, Engineering, Technological, Economical, Biotechnology and Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Advanced and Professional Training, the Institute of Management Technologies and Agrarian market. Training is carried out in full-time, part-time and combined forms of education.

Samara State Agrarian University conducts educational activities in 5 fields of master's degree programs, 15 fields of bachelor's degree programs, 1 specialty of higher education, 10 fields of postgraduate study, 4 professional retraining programs, 19 professional training programs, retraining and advanced training programs. Training is conducted in Russian.

The university has favourable conditions for doing sports. It offers a wide range of facilities: some sports halls, gyms, a stadium, a football pitch, an ice hockey rink, a shooting range, a freestyle wrestling hall, a beach volleyball court. It has its own cultural and sports center. The cultural and sports center is full of students' life.
The student self-government body of the university is the Student Council, which is engaged in supporting and helping the youth. Students take an active part in the life of the university: they work as volunteers, do photo and video filming works, hold cultural events, assist in improving the corporate culture of university students. University students are involved in agricultural, construction, pedagogical and search teams.

Requirements of admission:
Foreign citizens and stateless persons have the right to receive higher education at the expense of budget allocations in accordance with international treaties of the Russian Federation, federal laws or the quota established by the Government of the Russian Federation for the education of foreign citizens and stateless persons, as well as at the expense of individuals and legal entities in accordance with agreements on the provision of paid educational services.

Foreign citizens and stateless persons who are compatriots living abroad have the right to get higher education on an equal basis with citizens of the Russian Federation, provided that they fulfill the requirements according to the article 17 of Federal Law No. 99-FZ, 24 May 1999 "On State Policy of the Russian Federation with Respect to Compatriots Abroad."

When admitting foreign citizens and stateless persons to study under the bachelor's degree and specialty programs, the University establishes three general entrance tests (The list of entrance tests http://www.ssaa.ru/announcement/6929)
Entrance tests are conducted in Russian in written form, in full-time mode, as well as with the use of remote technologies)
For students
Full-time education

Bachelor's Degree programs:
06.03.01 Biology (4 years)
03.21.02 Land management and cadastres: Land management (4 years)
03.23.03 Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes (4 years)
35.03.04 Agronomy (4 years)
35.03.01 Forestry (4 years)
35.03.05 Gardening (4 years)
35.03.06 Agroengineering (4 years)
35.03.07 Technology of production and processing of agricultural products (4 years)
36.03.02 Zootechnics (4 years)
38.03.01 Economics (4 years)
38.03.02 Management (4 years)
38.03.04 State and municipal administration (4 years)
38.03.07 Merchandising (4 years)
44.03.04 Vocational training (4 years)

Specialty Program:
36.05.01 Veterinary medicine (5 years)
Master's Degree programs:
38.04.01 Economics: Accounting, analysis and audit; Crisis Management Economics; State and regional administration (2 years)
35.04.04 Agronomy: Adaptive crop production; Agroecological land assessment and design of agricultural landscapes; Integrated protection of plants from pests and diseases; Production, storage and processing of plant-growing produce (2 years)
04.21.02 Land management and cadastres: Property management and development of territories (2 years)
35.04.06 Agroengineering: Technical systems in agribusiness; Electrical equipment and electrical technologies in the agro-industrial complex; Vehicle operation (2 years)
36.04.02 Zootechnics: Breeding, selection, genetics and reproduction of farm animals; production, storage and processing of livestock products (2 years)
19.04.02 Vegetable food products (2 years)
19.04.03 Animal food products (2 years)
Postgraduate study:
06.06.01 Biological Sciences: Physiology (4 years)
35.06.01 Agriculture: General agriculture, plant growing; Agrochemistry (4 years)
35.06.04 Technologies, means of mechanization and energy equipment in agriculture, forestry and fishery: Technologies and means of mechanization of agriculture (3 years)
36.06.01 Veterinary medicine and zootechnics: Veterinary obstetrics and biotechnology of animal reproduction, Breeding, selection and genetics of farm animals, Private zootechnics, production technology of animal products (3 years)
38.06.01 Economics: Economics and National Economy Management (3 years)
19.06.01 Industrial ecology and biotechnology: Technology of cultivation, storage and processing of cereals, legumes, cereals, fruits and vegetables and wine-growing (3 years)
44.06.01 Education and Pedagogical Sciences: Theory and Methods of Professional Education (3 years)
Erzamaev Maxim, Akimova Irina
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