M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University
NEFU is one of the 10 federal universities in Russia, located in Yakutsk, the capital of the Republic of Sakha Yakutia, the largest region of Russia. The university has wide range of specialties; 500 different programs for all the levels of education from bachelor to post-graduate. NEFU have 17 institutes and faculties, three brunches in such cities as Mirniy, Nerungri and Anadyr in Chukotka and more than 18 000 students.

Most of the programs are taught in Russian, but there are programs in English on Masters Level. And there is a General Medicine program taught in two languages. The best thing is that for all international students the university offers grants that cover up to 60 % of education fee. So if you have foreign citizenship you can study more than 2 times cheaper that Russian students.

Of course you can find our university on the list of Russian universities that accept international students who apply for the Russian Government Scholarship program and if you consider application for the next year you have all the chances to apply for that scholarship and to take part in national trials inside your country. And if you choose NEFU among 6 universities you want to study in, you have very high chances that we will accept your application.
For students
Bachelor's and Specialits Programs: Construction; Economy; Management; Law; Oil and gas business; Technosphere safety; Physical Culture; Architecture; Informatics and Computer Science; Philology; General Medicine (in Russian and in English); Dentistry; Pediatrics; Preventive medicine; Mining; Applied Geology; Oil and gas equipment and technologies; Fundamental and Applied Chemistry; Applied Mathematics and Computer Science; Social work and others.

Deadines: June 20, call for applications, July 11, application deadline for budget places, October 15, application deadline for paid places, July 12-25, internal entrance tests. July 30 - August 5 enrollment orders.

Master's programs: Ecology and Nature Management; Economics; Management; Law; Teacher Education; Applied Mathematics and Computer Science; Construction; Physical Education; Public health; Philology and others. Programs taught in English: Cultural Studies (Convergence: Cultural Content in the Digital Age); Economics (Convergence: Business Managemnet in the digital economy); Physics (Convergence: Advanced Technologies)
Terms: July 12 - August 10, call for applications, August 11-20, entrance examinations, August 24-26, orders of enrollment
Тел.: +7 411 236-14-53, +7 914 297-88-27, +7 924 661-85-38
E-mail: international@s-vfu.ru, vv.kugunurov@s-vfu.ru, sa.gavrilieva@s-vfu.ru