Pacific National University
Pacific National University is one of the largest higher educational institutions of the Russian Far East. PNU provides courses in 230 fields of engineering, economic, humanitarian sciences, social sciences, architecture, design, pedagogy and education for undergraduate (Bachelor, Specialist and Master degree) and postgraduate (PhD) studies. There are over 14500 students taking training at PNU, including about 1000 foreign students from all over the world. Foreign citizens can be admitted on contract basis (with payment of the tuition fee) and on budgetary basis (without payment of the tuition fee) according to the quota for training of foreign citizens fixed by the Government of Russia (through the website, as well as compatriots living outside Russia. PNU admits foreign citizens to study at 5 institutes and 12 schools under the degree programs and non-degree programs such as the Pre-university Russian language program in 5 fields (humanitarian, economic, engineering, scientific, medical and biological) and the Russian language programs for non-academic purpose. PNU is the region's international education leader with about 30 years' experience in successful training of international students and young researchers. PNU provides high level of comfort and safety during study and accommodation at the dormitory.
For students
PNU majors related to various profession types.

PEDAGOGICAL FIELDS:Pedagogical Education;Ecology and Nature Management;Philology; Linguistics;Psychological and Pedagogical Education;Psychology.

"PERSON-PERSON":Journalism;Jurisprudence;International Regional Studies;Advertising and Public Relationships; Tourism;History.

"PERSON-ARTISTIC IMAGE":Architecture;Design of Architectural Environment;Technology of Materials Artistic Processing; Design.

"PERSON-MACHINERY":Applied Mathematics and Informatics;Information and Communication Technologies and Systems;Quality Management;Control in Technical Systems;Construction; Technosphere Safety;Technology of Transport Processes;Surface Transport and Technological Complexes;Operation of Transport and Technological Machinery and Complexes;Physics;Oil and Gas Engineering;Technological Machinery and Equipment;Software Engineering.

"PERSON-NATURE":Forestry;Landscape Architecture;Energy- and Resourse Saving Processes In Chemical Engineering, Petro-chemistry and Biotechnology;Chemical Technologies.

"PERSON-NUMERIC CHARACTER/SIGN SYSTEM":Informatics and Computer Engineering;Service;Business Information Science;Economics;Management; Human Resource Management;State and Municipal Management;Trade;Finance and Credit;Information Systems and Technologies;Applied Informatics.

Length of study: Bachelor degree-4/5 years, Master degree-2 years, full-time study.
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