Kursk State University
All roads lead to Kursk or five reasons to study at
Kursk State University

1. The quality of the Russian education is acknowledged all over the world. Kursk State University is one of the leading Russian universities, providing a wide range of educational programs:
- Preparatory courses, Summer schools;
- Bachelor and Master programs;
- Postgraduate programs and doctoral research;
- Courses to improve professional skills and specialist retraining.

2. High quality education is balanced with excellent prices that are much lower than those offered by Moscow and St. Petersburg universities.

3. The accommodation for students meets international standards and living in Kursk has many advantages:
• low prices on goods and services making it cheaper to enjoy a high standard of living in Kursk than in megalopolises;
• University campus is conveniently located in the very center of Kursk.

4. Many national diasporas and various religious beliefs, the tolerance of Kursk inhabitants and their interest in cultures and traditions of other nations guarantee the safety and comfort to international students in Kursk.

5. Kursk is one of the most important historical, industrial and cultural centers in the Black Soil Region. By choosing Kursk and Kursk State University you will discover Russia and join the world educational system that has no boundaries.
For students
Bachelor Programs
01.03.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
02.03.03 Software Development and Administration of Information Systems
04.03.01 Chemistry
05.03.03 Cartography and Geocomputer Science
05.03.06 Ecology and Management of Natural Recourses
07.03.01 Architecture
08.03.01 Construction
09.03.01 Computer Science
37.03.01 Psychology
38.03.01 Economic
38.03.02 Management
39.03.01 Social Studies
39.03.02 Social Work
40.03.01 Law
41.03.05 International Relations
42.03.01 Advertising and Public Relations
42.03.02 Journalism
43.03.02 Tourism
44.03.01 Pedagogical Education
44.03.02 Pedagogy and Psychology Education
45.03.01 Philology
45.03.02 Linguistics
46.03.01 History
49.03.01 Physical Training
53.03.02 Musical and Instrumental Art
53.03.05 Conducting
54.03.01 Design
54.03.03 Costume and Textile Design

Specialist Programs
38.05.02 Customs Service
54.05.02 Painting Art

Master Programs
01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
04.04.01 Chemistry
07.04.01 Architecture
08.04.01 Construction
09.04.01 Computer Science
37.04.01 Psychology
38.04.01 Economic
39.04.02 Social Work
42.04.02 Journalism
44.04.05 Pedagogical Education
44.04.02 Pedagogy and Psychology Education
44.04.03 Special Needs Education
45.04.02 Linguistics
49.04.01 Physical Training
54.04.01 Design
Postgraduate Programs
38.06.01 Economics
44.06.01 Educational Studies and Pedagogics
45.06.01 Linguistics and Literature Studies
Irina L. Zhirnova, PhD, head of the International Relations Department
Phone.: +7 471 251-04-69
E-mail: keep-in-touch@ya.ru