University of Management TISBI

The University of Management TISBI was founded in 1992 as a dictate of the times. The emerging government was plagued by a lack of new majors and careers.


About the University TISBI

The University of Management “TISBI” has:

– Educational license and State accreditation of all levels of vocational education.

– Professional accreditation of international educational programs.

The University of Management “TISBI” is community-minded, since it delivers education to the physically-challenged people, and is in the top ten non-state universities in Russia and is one of the top hundred universities in Russia.

There are more than 40 educational programs for all levels of vocational education of the University.

The high quality of education developed a reputation of one of the leading universities in the country and the only one being engaged in three UNESCO’s educational networks at once: UNITWIN / UNESCO Chairs, UNESCO Associated Schools Project and UNESCO-UNEVOC Center for vocational education.

The University of Management “TISBI” is an active participant of international community. For over 28-year period of work, the geography of the University’s international contacts has expanded significantly and today it includes universities and educational centers in the US, Canada, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Former Soviet Republics countries.

University of Management “TISBI” considers international cooperation as the key one. Our task is not just traineeship, but also moral values and character building. All this is based on the platform of the entrepreneurial university in accordance with the development strategy of our university.


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Directions and forms of study in TISBI

The University of Management TISBI has a unique and proud history in the Russian Federation, having an extensive network of educational programs and strong global links in teaching and research and programs of national significance and international quality. The University of Management “TISBI” was established in 1992 and is the first private higher education establishment in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. The quality and competitiveness of students training are top and absolute priority at the University.

We use various forms of training: full-time, extramural and distance learning education.

Located in Kazan, Russia, our University offers a short or long-term study session, supporting double degree programs. We come up with the options for distance or e-learning as well.

We are open for high-calibre, internationally minded students to offer undergraduate studies in:

– Management;
– Business Informatics;
– Applied Informatics;
– Software Engineering;
– International Law;
– Hospitality Service;
– Tourism.